Upcoming Bond Election Roundup

This resource provides our best accounting of upcoming bond elections, based on our research cross-checked with listings prepared by the Texas Bond Review Board and the Municipal Advisory Council. It may or may not be complete; we will update the database on a weekly basis as new information becomes available. If you know of an upcoming election not listed here, please contact us.

To the best of our knowledge, there is no other comprehensive and publicly available online list of upcoming bond propositions in Texas. County clerk offices do post sample ballots prior to elections, but these ballots only list propositions for entities in those counties.

We also provide debt totals and trends for Texas’ largest 20 cities and counties in our Debt-at-a-Glance section. If any of the entities listed in the Roundup appear in the Debt-at-a-Glance section, we'll link to that page for additional debt context. Keep checking back as we'll be adding more information in the weeks to come.

Upcoming State Bond Elections

Upcoming State Bond Elections Table
Election Date     Entity     Type     Prop     Purpose     Amount    
11/2013  Texas Water Development Board  Agency  Water Revolving Loan Program  $2,000,000,000 

The Full List: The full list of all upcoming bond elections provides an overview of all reported upcoming bond election proposals in the state. If you have information on an upcoming proposed bond election, please contact us.

  • Number of Propositions
    2 to 3
    4 to 6
    7 to 10
    More than 10

No county has been selected.

Note: Reflects only referenda currently known and verified by the Comptroller's office at this time. If information is available for an upcoming proposed bond election, please contact us.

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