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In 2013, 14 Texas cities are issuing more than $75 million in bonds for water projects. San Antonio's bonds account for $50 million of that total. For additional information on city of San Antonio bond information, visit their Debt-At-A-Glance profile.

As of Aug. 15, 20 Texas cities issued $291.5 million in bonds for highway/street/sidewalk projects in 2013. Find out more information on Texas cities' bond issuances

In fiscal 2012, taxable sales as measured by state sales tax collections increased by 12.6 percent. The state cash report provides additional information on sales tax and much more.

Total tax-supported debt for Texas local governments increased 34.6 percent in four years, from $86.87 billion in fiscal 2007 to $116.92 billion in fiscal 2011. Find out more about local debt in Texas.

In 2012, property taxes and sales taxes accounted for 64 percent of municipal general fund revenues in Texas. Find out more about local taxes in Texas.

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