About This Site

Financial transparency is a goal governments generally embrace in principle, but not always in practice.

This site is an extension of efforts throughout 2013 to introduce more transparency into the spending and debt of Texas’ local governments, including cities, counties, school districts, community colleges and special-purpose districts across the state.

In the 2013 Texas legislative session, the Comptroller’s office supported and provided resources for two major pieces of transparency legislation that met opposite fates.

  • House Bill 13, recently signed into law, will enhance public pension systems’ transparency and accountability while protecting individual privacy.
  • House Bill 14 and its companion Senate Bill 14 would have provided Texans with more information about the tax levies and debt loads of their local governments, including school districts and community colleges. It would have added current debt information to ballots asking for new debt. In addition, it would have subjected special-purpose districts (SPDs) to regularly review.

Despite considerable support from legislators and their leadership, HB 14 and its companion both were killed by points of order without receiving final votes by the full House.

Every taxpayer in our state should sit up and take notice. We can’t let the inertia of the status quo defeat efforts to extend transparency to local finance — and we don’t intend to.

Tell the Truth Texas represents our ongoing commitment to giving all Texans the information they need to participate meaningfully in the political process — to have a say in what government does in their names, and how it spends their money.

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